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COELAN Boat Coating

COELAN Yacht Coating from Germany is regarded as the most effective and durable wood coating and finishing product available. COELAN possesses a number of characteristics that contribute to its superiority and longevity: it is an extremely versatile yacht paint, being permeable, elastic, UV-resistant, light stable, and resistant to solvents and abrasion. Used to protect teak and mahogany and other wood decks, COELAN outlasts and out-performs every other premium quality varnish formula, providing a coating that is durable for many years. Read more...

Essential Characteristics

  • completely UV-resistant and light-stable
  • long service life
  • bridges cracks due to its elasticity
  • permeable – lets water to dissipate and to wood survive
  • extremely hard-wearing and highly elastic
  • for use on wood, steel, aluminum and polyester substrates
  • for use on inflatable dinghies, fenders, boat cushions, etc.

COELAN Boat Coating – A Long- Lasting Protection

COELAN Marine Coating Products are single-component and easily applied varnishes. COELAN’s flexibility and resilience mean that it has the ability to bridge fine cracks on surfaces composed of wood, steel, fiberglass, rubber, plastic and other materials, and to solve the problem of leaking decks. Available in clear and colored finishes, COELAN yacht paint is elastic, permeable to water vapor, and UV- and weather-resistant.

COELAN Marine Coating is an extremely high quality, durable, long-lasting product. COELAN is used by boat manufacturers and private boat owners alike, who value its exceptional ability to preserve wood and protect a variety of surfaces from exposure to the elements. Long-term tests and COELAN Customer Reviews document the quality of COELAN coating.

COELAN is a Boat Paint that can be used to protect any solid or composite wood surface. An attractive, properly treated teak or mahogany deck on a sailboat or yacht always generates admiration. Exposed wood can be protected from pollutants and damage with an application of COELAN Boat Coating to preserve exposed surfaces.

Multiple applications for wood, metal, and plastic boat components

COELAN Boat Coating can be used to protect teak, mahogany and other wood boat decks, spars, hatch covers, railings and many other exposed surfaces that are subject to fading or abrasion. The refinished deck or wood surfaces will not only appear new but be shielded from the elements for many years, needing little if any touch up. When new teak decks are laid, a coating of COELAN yacht paint is always advisable to preserve the life and appearance of the wood. Read COELAN Boat Coating Case Studies for more information. 

The exceptional characteristics of COELAN Boat Coating mean that it can be used in the surface refurbishing of fiberglass boats to repair problems such as hairline cracks, crazing, chalking, and color fading. Use of COELAN boat paint prevents further surface damage due to exposure and heavy use. COELAN is a Boat Coating that provides Long Lasting Solutions for many known problems.


Using factory colors, COELAN Yacht Coating can be matched to existing colored surfaces, or mixed for specific decorative applications.

Use of COELAN Marine Coating results in a reduced need for materials and maintenance, making it an extremely cost efficient, long-lasting sealing and coating product for boats exposed to the elements.

  • COELAN Boat Coating renders old, faded boat decks new again, and ensures the wood is protected for many years to come.
  • COELAN is recommended for use on new wood surfaces to provide them with permanent protection against wear and weathering.
  • COELAN Boat paint can be used to provide a skid-proof coating that resists abrasion on heavily used areas such as companion ladders.
  • COELAN colored coatings can easily be used to protect reinforced fiberglass and aluminum boats, as well as inflatable dinghies, boat cushions, fenders, and other plastic surfaces that are subject to abrasion, or that are not resistant to solvents and oil.

Read the COELAN Application Instructions for Marine Coating before use!