Long-lasting paint quality Made in Germany!


COELAN is a famous brand of Kemper Systems, a German company and worldwide leader in waterproofing, roofing, and surfacing Systems.  Kemper Systems have set the standards for the most effective and enduring coatings, protecting all kinds of surfaces from boats and furniture to industrial surfaces and buildings against weather and environmental damages. COELAN Boat Coating Products aim to durably protect high-performance materials with their elastic, transparent or colored coatings against weathering and ecological damages. The highly demanding luxury yacht and shipbuilding industry is the main field of application for COELAN Marine Coating products.

Kemper System products have been used for the past 55 years to protect many important and famous landmarks and buildings around the world. Buildings such as the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center in New York, the US Capitol Building and the Capitol Building in Olympia, WA, the Philadelphia Art Museum and select buildings at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology all boast protective coatings from Kemper System. And COELAN Coatings can also be found on countless luxury yachts, cruise ships, and even three masted schooners. All of that adds up to over 2 billion square feet protected from harsh environmental and ecological influences. Read also Case Studies of COELAN Boat Coating applications.

Though based in Vellmar, Germany, Kemper System has spread its influence worldwide. The company has developed some of the most innovative products in roofing membranes with cold-liquid applications and the highest quality waterproofing. Industry insiders trust Kemper System products to do what no others can.

Represented by a duck’s head, Kemper System finds the greatest inspiration in nature. Naturally occurring oils in the duck’s feathers have given rise to the COELAN Marine Coating offered by Kemper System. Just as the oils allow a duck’s feathers to breathe even in weather, so does COELAN Boat Coating’s Water-Vapor Exchange technology allow the natural wood on a boat’s deck to breathe and exchange moisture naturally. Were the water to be trapped inside the wood as it is with most other coatings, the wood would rot from the inside, degrading the sea-worthiness of the entire vessel.

COELAN Boat Coating is ranked high by independent product tests. Further product reviews have confirmed the high quality.