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IMPORTANT : Read Application instructions before use!

To guarantee a successful application of coating, and to ensure that the coating is durable and lasts over the long term as it has been designed to, please be sure to follow the directions provided in the COELAN Guide to Boat Coating regarding surface preparation and application procedures. As with any other boat paint, a good and careful preparation of the surface is essential to gain expected results. Without following the instructions and without an accurate preparation, no coating will produce desired results.

Not infrequently, private yacht owners do not follow user instructions correctly before applying yacht paint. However, a professional application requires a professional approach: when refurbishing a boat, it is essential to prepare the surface carefully before applying COELAN boat paint, by removing any old varnish or paint with a soft brush, sanding the surface gently, and repairing any damaged joints or cracked planks. Regardless what paint is used, each wooden deck, whether it is a teak deck or mahogany deck or any other wood, needs to be protected from below as well as from above, to prevent humidity from entering the wood from underneath the deck. If the underside is not exposed to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation, then you can use another good boat paint for protection and use COELAN Marine Coating for the visible surface. Before coating a deck, it is also important to measure the moisture content of the wood and to ascertain whether water has penetrated to the sub-deck or into deck planking. Therefore, we strongly advise reading the application instructions before you start your painting project. Many boat yards are also able to offer professional help to ensure professional results.COELAN boat paint is easy to apply if instructions are followed.

Technical Data Sheets can also be furnished to provide additional information about many of the liquid finishes.

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