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Coelan Boat Coating Details

COELAN Boat Coating Products are possibly the best wood coating and finishing products on the market. They will out-perform any high quality varnish and, once applied, will not require re-coating for many years.

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COELAN Marine Coating Products are extremely cost effective long term solution to many of your yachts sealing and coating requirements

COELAN MARINE Coating Products are single component and easy to apply liquid coatings. Thanks to its exceptional qualities, its provides an extremely good weather resistant and UV wear resistant surface which is elastic, water vapor permeable and available in a clear or colored finish. The applied coating is both flexible and resilient and able to bridge hair line cracks on wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and rubber or plastic surfaces and solves problems of permanent leaking decks.

COELAN Marine Coating is an absolute top product with the long-lasting durability that boat owners have always wanted. It is used in the boat building industry and highly valued by private boat owners.


- absolutely UV-resistant and light-stable
- highly elastic – yet extremely hard-wearing
- long service life
- crack bridging – due to its high elasticity
- permeable – lets wood survive
- easy to apply because ready for use
- for wood, steel, aluminium and polyester substrates
- for inflatable dinghies, fenders, boat cushions, etc.
- unlimited possible applications in and on the boat
- absolutely non-slip coating easily achieved
- fabrication of coloured material by using our special
- Colour Paste to colour the transparent coating



- Old, grey boat decks appear as new with the COELAN Boat Coating and remain protected over many years.
- It is adisable to permanently protect also new wooden surfaces with the COELAN Boat Coating against weathering.
- Also strongly frequented areas like companion ladders can be given an abrasion resistant and skid-proof coating.
- Even glass-fibre reinforced plastic and aluminium boats, as well as plastic surfaces (inflatable dinghies, boat cushions, fenders etc.) can easily be coated with the coloured coating.


To ensure success in your application and achieve the long term service life for which the products have been designed, please refer to detailed instructions in the COELAN Guide to Boat Coating. In addition, Technical Data Sheets are available to provide supporting data on many of the liquid coating products.

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