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Long-lasting Boat Coating Applications

A known Problem…

Ships and boats are often continually exposed to sunlight, rain, saltwater, wind and other damaging effects of the environment. Over the years, this can result in dried, faded decks and other wood surfaces, along with hairline cracks and crazing of gel coats.

Do not give the weather a chance!

…the solution: COELAN Boat Coating

With an application of COELAN Boat Coating, your teak deck or mahogany deck will once again look new. COELAN Marine Coatings protect your deck from weathering, abrasion and hard use, out-performing and outlasting all other high quality boat paint and varnish.

  • - easy to use
  • - easily applied by brush, roller or spray
  • - highly elastic
  • - bridges small cracks
  • - permeable to water vapor – lets moisture dissipat
  • - extremely durable
  • - resistant to UV and light
  • - resistant to wear and abrasion
  • - resistant to solvents, alcohol, gasoline and cleaning agents


A multitude of uses in and around the boat

Independent short-term and long-term testing has ranked COELAN Boat Coating among the world’s most durable coatings. A versatile, highly weather-resistant product, COELAN is not only suitable for deck application. Many surfaces and materials can be treated with COELAN Boat Coating, due to its unique characteristics. Long-term protection of surfaces and a significantly reduced need for maintenance mean that boat owners and builders achieve substantial savings on labor and material costs.

Dinghies and boating fenders, because they are not resistant to oil, fuel, solvent and UV light, are subject to damage from exposure, leading to an undesirable appearance and costly breakdown of the rubber material.

Likewise, the exposed rubber or fabric surfaces of inflatable dinghies are subject to damage, often being carried on davits or secured on deck. Together with the damaging effects caused by exposure to the environment, UV light, sand and abrasion from tie downs and the deck., this can result in a breakdown of the material. Due to its high elasticity (over 300%) and durability, applying COELAN Boat Coating to fully inflated dinghies and fenders extends the service life and abrasion resistance of these materials, as well as restores the color and appearance of the surface.


  • - a wide range of uses in and around the boat and home
  • - coatings can be custom colored to match existing surfaces
  • - surfaces composed of wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass (GRP)
  • - for surfaces of dinghies, rub rails, fenders, cushions etc.
  • - nonskid surfaces can easily be created and applied


Wood refurbishment

A carefully maintained and preserved teak deck or mahogany deck always attracts admiration on board a sailboat or motor yacht. Continual exposure to the environment and pollutants in the atmosphere means that over time, deck surfaces and other exposed wood gradually become discolored and dirty. This kind of deterioration can be prevented with an application of COELAN Boat Coating on exposed wood surfaces. Any surface composed of solid wood, plywood or composite wood can be protected with COELAN coatings.

COELAN Boat Coating can be used to preserve the surfaces of boat decks, spars, hatch covers, railings and many other parts of the boat above the waterline. After the surface has been carefully prepared according to directions, several layers of our polyurethane-based liquid polymer coating can be applied over the appropriate COELAN Boat Primer. Decks and other wood surfaces restored with COELAN will look new, and be protected over the long term from the damaging effects of environmental exposure, with little if any need for touch ups. When new teak decks are laid, we recommend protecting them with an immediate application of COELAN Boat Coating. Click here to read COELAN Reviews and Press Releases.